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Fuck yeah! Sho Marufuji

This is a blog dedicated to the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX character Sho Marufuji/Syrus Truesdale. He's my precious baby so it was important for me to make a blog for him to show my love~! :D Sometimes pictures considered shounen-ai will be posted, and I occassionally post nsfw. I will tag both accordingly, along with any possible triggers. If there's a tag or trigger you would like me to add on a post, please let me know!

NO ART WILL EVER BELONG TO ME!! I always provide credit when possible and when I can't I will use the tag "source needed" or "source deleted". If you see something here tagged like that and you know the artist, or it's yours, please inform me so I can give proper credit or take it down if necessary.

Screencaps/gifs/fanart/graphics/shipping/cosplay/fanfics/fanmixes/fanvids/musings are all accepted. I'll accept anything in between too; I'm pretty flexible so basically everything is okay if it involves him in some way. I just ask to PLEASE provide a source on fanart when you submit something, unless you really don't have one. You can just add a copy/pasted url onto the image, and I'll take care of the formatting. If you're unsure if something is okay or you have a question, head on over to my ask box!

I also have a personal blog if for some reason you care. :3
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